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The main objective of designing transformers is to make input of voltage compatible with varied working appliances. The basic function of any transformer is to stepping up or stepping down voltage as required. For excellent results, you need reliable manufacturers like Arihant transformers that could help you with good quality transformers. We at Arihant Transformers have appointed skilled and experienced resources for completing complex and functional manufacturing tasks precisely.

Step up Transformers

The step - up transformers have high secondary voltage in comparison to primary voltage. They usually step up the voltage applied to it. Technically, secondary coil has more turns than primary ones. The induced voltage becomes higher in secondary coil than it was applied.

Step Down Transformers

Step down transformers are designed to run apps that demands low voltage supply. In this case, primary coil has high voltage than secondary ones. It simply steps down the induced voltage applied to it.Most of the transformers have step down application. Step up transformers are manufactured on special requirements only.

Why to choose us?

Arihant transformers delivering high performing step – up and step down transformers suitable for various industrial applications. Our experienced staff is dedicated to design most reliable range of transformers at industry leading prices.

The Step – up and Step down transformers manufactured with Arihant Transformers is based on principle of electromagnetic induction. We believe in designing most efficient transformers delivering maximum output for various industrial operations. Our skilled resources having strong domain knowledge are 100 percent focused on delivering best results.

We at arihant transformers offer ultra grade Step – up and Step down transformers to clients. Each and every product manufactured with us is closely tested under strict quality guidelines for high end deliveries. The quality test also avoids poor functionality and sudden breakdown in products. The features offered by our Step – up and Step down transformers include –

  • Shock absorbent
  • High Energy Saver
  • Voltage optimizers
  • Cost – effective
  • Withstanding high temperature and heat
  • Low maintenance costs

Further, we also give custom solutions based on clients’ demand. Our products are customized or modified according to your industry standards to improve overall efficiency and accuracy. Our customized solutions not only save power but provide longevity to the equipments. You just have to explain your requirements to our technical team and our experts are ready to help you out throughout the day.

Our aim is to transform voltage as per customer requirement in industries. We often change designing and structure level as per latest technology system in step down transformers manufacturing technique and market requirement. Transformers manufactured by us is available in various size from small to giant for power supply. It is not the important thing that size is small or bigger it's all depends on it working ability and destination area. It have capacity to change the voltage transmission functionality either it is small saloon shop or heavy loaded power industries.

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